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Tassel Twirling and Pastie Making Workshop

Time: 3.30-5.30pm

Date: Saturday 25th Feb

Venue: ISTD Dance Studio (1st floor studio), 346 Old Street, London EC1V 9NQ

Cost: £25 (all materials included)

If you’re looking to improve your tasselling skills beyond the ‘jump up & down quickly’ or ‘shimmy furiously’ techniques then come along to a special one-off workshop by tassel twirling pro, Trixi Tassels! You will learn all methods of how to get controlled twirls, including the bounce, shoulder and ribcage techniques, single and double twirls, synced and alternating twirls. These methods give you total control over the direction and syncronisation of your twirls and the main techniques use only the upper body so you are free to move around the stage gracefully. It is guaranteed that by the end everyone will be twirling!

Also included in the workshop is a a hands-on craft section on pastie making. You will learn how to create different shapes, how to decorate them and where to source specialist components like the tassels themselves and Swarovski crystals. All materials will be supplied.

You DON’T need ‘perfect’ breasts to do this course - Trixi has taught dozens of women to twirl and no two have had the same pair of breasts. Big, small, floppy, pert - with a bit of technique and practice anyone can do it!

Trixi taught this course (minus the craft section) as a master teacher at the Paris Burlesque Festival 2011 where it was well received and everyone went away happily twirling!

Numbers are strictly limited so book early to avoid disappointment

Email to book your place.

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